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Autumn Essentials - My Favourites

I think it is safe to say that summer is gone and its heading to Autumn. The lack of sunshine has been depressing but to cheer you up I am writing about my absolute favourite products and clothes that will see me and you through the cold weather to come!

First off I have got my all time favourite lip products from Mouthy by Megan Mckenna

Mouthy by Megan Mckenna

I adore the Dimples and sand lip kit. It contains a lip liner and a matt liquid lipstick and the colour is just perfect. Its so soft and velvety when it goes on, and literally lasts all day! They have them in so many colours but I really want to try Danger, its a gorgeous red! Look out for their sales, they often have them on Bank Holiday weekends and you can normally get 50% off!

Next up is a phone case to make you feel like summer is always here by All In Flavour

All In Flavour

This phone case is so cool! Not only is it bright, summery and funny, it came in a cute bag with a postcard! What more could you want! The best part is that it is a tough case meaning it is a combination of two cases that absorbs any impact if you drop your phone! It feels really secure and fits so snugly!

My next favourite product at the moment is the Pro Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder!

Pro Teeth Whitening

So this is the first charcoal product that I have ever used and I am immediately hooked! It is essentially powdered charcoal with a bit of peppermint flavouring! You dip your toothbrush in and then brush for one minute. After seeing loads of videos on Facebook of people looking like Nanny Mcphee with black teeth I actually was so excited to try it! I also really like their Coconut Oil Pulling which is a sachet that you swirl around your mouth for 5 minutes and spit out.

Next up are my two favourite snack companies! Kind Snacks and Pulsin!

Kind Snacks


These two are jointly amazing. I'll talk about Kind first;

First of all the Kind bars are so yummy and they come in such a variety of flavours! They are literally made from nuts, seeds and honey with some dark chocolate mixed in so all natural ingredients. I'm obsessed with their Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bar!

Pulsin is slightly different as they have a protein range! Again they have so many flavours, Mint Choc Chip being the best in my eyes! Protein for me is important due to my gym lifestyle and having one of these after the gym feels like such a treat!

I can't decide between them as they are both amazing and definitely something I will get again!

Lastly I want to share my favourite outfit ever from Missguided

So this features the new Barbie Collection Short Sleeve Crop in Black. Its soooo comfy and I love the fact that it is slightly baggy also! I adore the Barbie stuff!

Next is the Pink Scuba Skirt! OMG this skirt is perfect. It is really thick and has such a nice texture plus its super cute.

Finally these Lace Up Heeled Boots are amazing. The texture is really nice and shiny, and they are so sturdy!

Check out my Missguided haul:

So that's it, my favourites at the moment! Let me know what your favourites are at the moment!

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