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The Swan Lobe - Transforming Your Nights Out

The Swan Lobe

You've just bought a beautiful pair of glittery earrings and you put them on and they make your ears sag so much because they are stupidly heavy. This no longer has to be an annoyance when your off out with your gorgeous jewellery on!

I was so happy when I got a chance to try The Swan Lobe as I find sagging ears such an issue and have never known a solution! I am happy to say I am so pleasantly surprised at how amazing these are, and they genuinely work. Its the simplest method ever but so effective!

What Do The Swan Lobe Do?

The Swan Lobe is a unisex earring support that aims to bring comfort and protection to the ear whilst being invisible (it goes on the back of your ear). It is essentially a large sticker in the shape of your lobe that you put on an then put the earring through and it lifts the earring so that it can not sag! It can then help prevent further sagging!

I've found them really useful with larger earrings and even with hoops as I find I get a 'slit' in my ear quite easily!

In the photo below I have The Swan Lobe on the ear on the left! Look how much higher it is! No Sag!

If you want to try them out yourself head over to and check out their Instagram @theswanlobe

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