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Insecurities - admitting them to deal with them

I am insecure. I'm self conscious. I have body confidence issues. I feel inadequate to society almost every day. Being insecure about the way you look can be the difference between a good day, a bad day or a crying in bed day. When you don't love yourself or the way you look, it seems impossible to believe that anyone else could! Looks are not everything, but sometimes they truly can feel like the world and this can affect your life massively. I've never really been great at dealing with my self consciousness; I get upset, then stressed, then angry, then upset again. Repeat almost every day and you have my life!! Many see a smile, bubbly, don't care attitude when they meet me, and they would be totally right. But I easily hide the fact that I am not at all confident about the way I look and have had some very bad depression from it! So how on earth can I even try to become more confident? How can I love myself more? How can i stop comparing myself to others? Will I ever stop being jealous of the way other girls look? Admitting my insecurities is probably the first step of acceptance. - I hate my nose as its wonky underneath and I have a deviated septum - My teeth used to be straight after braces now my lower row are wonky again - The capsule of one of my boobs has rippled slightly and my low body fat doesn't hide it - I have weird gaps between my big toe and the one next to it - My bum is small no matter how much I train it it's taking forever to grow and I feel that society no longer accepts this - I have a wonky sternum so it looks strange - I'm hyper mobile so my legs are bowed and sway back also - One of my eyes is smaller than the other and so not symmetrical - I've had really bad acne and still struggle despite undergoing serious acne treatment - I will never feel as pretty as all these amazing Insta girls that look flawless and sometimes this gets me down - I can never seem to like my hair, it's frizzy and always goes a funny colour as hair dye sticks in my hair for ages and doesn't cover - My lips are really thin and even with lip liner I can't get them to look full There's probably loads more that I say on a daily basis. I'm so lucky that my boyfriend see's past all this and still tells me I'm beautiful non stop, but no matter how many times he says this I will never be one of those gorgeous girls I wish I was. He may think I'm perfect for him but I don't. I am determined to try and reduce my insecurities, to be more confident about the way I look and to be less stressed when I look in the mirror. How do you deal with your insecurities?

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