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A Welsh Escape - Where to Go?


Living in the Midlands can be busy, stressful and crowded; luckily for me my parents live in one of the most beautiful places - Pembrokeshire, Wales. Visiting them is like a holiday, with its amazing views, quiet and calm nature and loads of days out to experience and the added bonus of the sea!

I spent a few days their over the bank holiday weekend with my partner Jacob as we hadn't visited since before Christmas! I was so excited to see my black Labrador but most of all to see my gorgeous pet sheep! Yes, that's correct, I have pet sheep. I always wanted them so finally when my parents bought some fields and woodland I got my way! They are just perfect!

So what is there to do in Pembrokeshire?

Well despite having cuddles with the animals, and walking through the woods (Check out M H Woodland - they create wooden cake stands, slices and personalised bits for weddings, restaurants and the house, all from their own wood in Pembrokeshire!) there really is quite a lot of places to visit.

Here is a list of my favourite places to go;

1. The Georges in Haverfordwest - This place is amazing. Its essentially a quirky restaurant/café with an incredible shop that sells loads of home style decorations, spiritual products, organic and fairtrade stuff etc. I love all the cute buddah's! The food is amazing also, genuinely the best salad I have ever eaten is the Locally Cured Bacon and Grated Cheese - It's got feta, watermelon, seeds, carrot, pomegranate, balsamic vinegar and loads of other veg in it!

2. Saundersfoot (As in the photo above) - Its essentially a seaside town with multi-coloured houses, a fish and chippy and a rock shop. The great part is that it also has a cute harbour, cliffs and these awesome tunnels to walk through that are like in the cliffs/mountain. You can drive to it really easily and have a wonderful walk or a sit down. Cutest part has to be all the dogs, there is loads of doggies on leads everywhere!

3. Llys Y Fran Country Park and Reservoir - I have walked around this loads now and I never get bored! Its a massive reservoir with a 100ft dam and a 7 mile (approx) walk around it. There is also a café too to stop and have a cuppa! I love the fact that it is always so quiet and about 5 minutes drive from my parents house!

4. Caldey Island - Taking a short boat trip from Tenby Harbour will take you to this gorgeous little island! It's been inhabited stince the stone age and home to Monks since Celtic times and still houses them to this day! It has an idyllic lighthouse and cliff walks and shops that sell perfumes and chocolates and biscuits that are all made on the island. The tea gardens is a great place to grab a bite to eat or drink and you can truly spend a good day exploring the island!

There are so many more places that are just beautiful in Pembrokeshire, my parents home being one of them! If you have ever visited Pembrokeshire let me know your favourite places also!

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