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A Healthy Gut And Better Sleep - Yes Please!

I'm a healthy 23 year old and wouldn't suggest that my gut is 'unhealthy' nor would I expect that I would need to use a supplement to improve my gut bacteria! However, it seems there is benefits to anyone of any age in using this sort of supplement!

If you watched BBC's 'The Truth About Sleep' last night (if not catch up on IPlayer) then you will have seen Bimuno featured! I was pleased to see it on the programme being tested as its something I am currently trying out myself! The programme suggested that one dose a day of this tasteless white powder blended into a coffee or yoghurt or on your food could in fact promote a better sleeping pattern! I suffer from quite bad sleep deprivation at times and so this has got me extremely pleased as you can imagine!

I have never tried anything for gut bacteria, none of those yoghurt drinks that seem so overly priced within the supermarket fridges, as I have never felt the need. However if this prebiotic supplement promises to improve sleep then I am all for it! Bimuno is said to reset your healthy gut bacteria and maintain immune health also so really is a good all round product!

Whether I will feel any difference within myself or not when taking this product, I feel that knowing my gut is healthier, and that internally it can help with my immune system it warrants taking... improved sleep will be a bonus!

If you head to the website then you can try a 14 day free trial of it! I would say it is certainly worth it!

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