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They only want me for my body - Anatomicals Review

They only want me for my body, and what a pampered body it now is! Anatomicals is a company I have never tried before but after receiving a range of products from them I have immediately fallen in love with them!

They have the most funky packaging ever with the coolest slogans that make the branding amazing! Its hard not to smile when picking up the packaging!

After training in the gym, being out at motorsport events on the weekend and working on my feet in a gym I always have dry skin, spots and sore feet! This week has been a totally different story.

The mattifying face mask made my skin feel so soft, and although its not a peely one (which I normally like) this one was far more relaxing as I was able to actually move my face! That coupled with my partner using the softening eucalyptus foot cream on my sore feet made me feel like a queen!

All the products that I have tried here, and even the ones on the website are so fun looking that they make for awesome gifts, and are so reasonably priced! They are no different cost to your generic supermarket brands yet they are so much better!

Follow them on Social Media using @AnatomicalsUk and #AnatomicalsUK

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