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Why Motorsport? A Females Story

When a vast majority of females head out on a Saturday night its dolled up to a fancy club with their new heels on and ready for cocktails... mine consists of sleeping in the back of a van or drinking and watching the amazing motorsport community dance to cheesy songs in the Kentagon (Brands Hatch) and I wouldn't change it for the world!

I confuse a lot of people and I've had many females ask me why motorsport? So I felt it was time to share why!

Growing up I had my brother Chris to play with, we lived pretty secluded and didn't have a street full of kids to play with! By the time I was talking he had taught me my first word "car" so it was destined from then really! We were always outdoors, playing in the trees or staring at dad's Rochdale in the garage and so I became a bit of a tomboy from the start. I was happier in my brothers old clothes and refused to let my mum choose what I wore, muddy and smelly was fine for me!

My brother's best friend was round a lot and he used to Kart at the time so I was always in awe of this.. back then he was just Paul Streather who scared me with a glow in the dark spider and who watched me skateboard into a massive cow pat! Now he's Paul Streather, UK Clio Cup driver and supporting the BTCC Weekends! I used to look up to him and Chris loads (not that they realised it) as their love for things fast and muddy were all I wanted to do!

I had my girly side, my dancing and my s club 7 that kept me away from being a total boy, but somehow football made an entrance into my life and it was a constant tomboy struggle! Mallory Park I will always remember, it was my local track and I will never forget watching racing there! As a child it was the buzz of it all, the noise of the engines, the excitement of an overtake and the gravel being flicked up! I was hooked right from the start!

BTCC came soon after and I've kept up with it every year since. Unless you have been to a race, seen the supports, heard that warm up lap music and been at druids corner for an overtake, I don't think you fully understand the effect motorsport can have. It's a community, an amazing, odd, hilarious and passionate community that is there for the sheer love of the sport. It doesn't matter what age, shape or gender you are, if your at a race your respected and one of the family. You only have to look at the recent events of Billy Monger's awful crash to see how amazing the motorsport community are and how much support there is for the drivers. It doesn't matter if your a driver, marshal, official or fan - we all share the same love.

Recently I have two heads on when I'm at a race, Fan first and Fitness and Nutrition Coach second! I started a company with my partner called Torque Human Performance.

So that's why I love motorsport. From my childhood years to now, the sense of excitement from motorsport I can honestly say you can not get in any other sport!

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