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Gousto Box Review - A Food Lovers Must!

Gousto Box

I'd never really thought of ordering food via a delivery service unless it was a Chinese take away! But when I came across Gousto and saw that the food gets delivered, with all the ingredients for the meal, plus the recipe card, and you have to cook it yourself I was utterly intrigued. As a food lover, cooking for myself is something that I enjoy to do but seem to find that I go for normal standard meals and never explore recipes, so I felt this could be a great change!

The ordering process was easier than I imagined, they ask you a few questions such as how many meals you want in your box and then you can select your meals. There's not tons to choose from there is something for everyone whether it be a meat lover, vegetarian, spice lover or someone that likes things slightly plainer! After a large amount of decision (they all look so yummy!) I went for the Melty Welsh Rarebit Burger and the Silky Cashew Nut Noodles. Both fairly plain options as I didn't have too much confidence on my cooking skills!

The food arrived on the day I arranged it for in a massive box, and when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised! The meat was wrapped inside a woollen insulation to keep it super cold, and all of the ingredients were in packets, even the spices were in a cute brown paper bag. Plus.. my favourite part, it came with a wooden spoon! I loved the fact that it included every single ingredient, even down to sachets of soy sauce so that it was so easy to make!

The first meal I made was the Welsh Rarebit Burger. With the photo looking so good I really didn't expect that it would come out looking anywhere near as nice, but wow, it was AMAZING! The cooking process was fun, making burgers from scratch was a total new experience, as was making any type of sauce other than opening a ketchup bottle! It wasn't stressful, the method was spot on and it genuinely was the best burger I think I have ever had. This was mainly down to the sauce I think, it made it perfect! I also fried the onions rather than leaving them raw as this is something I know I like! I actually managed to make restaurant worthy food at home and within an hour!

The next evening I went for the Cashew Nut Noodles and again I was so surprised at how easy it was to make such a yummy meal! It had so many flavours and with all the yummy vegetables it had loads of crunch and texture to it! I followed the recipe exactly and its honestly idiot proof! I think I prefer the burger but this was just as good! Next time I would use half the amount of coriander I think as I'm not a herby type person but it didn't overpower it still! I also think the portion was spot on for two people.

My experience with the Gousto way of life has been a good one so far, I'm so surprised that I managed to create a high quality meal from scratch and didn't even have to leave the house to shop for it! I'll definitely be cooking from scratch more often and I feel that this has given me the excitement and the confidence to do so!

If you want to have a try of Gousto yourself here is the link:

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