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MOA - First Impressions

I'm so excited as I have been sent a trial of MOA to try! I've got 3 large bottles of the stuff and this will last me a month or more which is great!

I'll be honest, I've always been dubious about superfoods or blends of tons of ingredients in that are supposed to make us feel great and help our bodies, as always believed that if you live a healthy diet that should be enough! But when I saw MOA I thought how can I judge if I have never actually experienced it! After reading up about the super nutrition blend and looking at the ingredients I feel like this product could actually be good for me and help many things I suffer with such as low immune system and fatigue! I don't believe in quick fixes or in miracle cures, but perhaps a boost in these ingredients may help? I'm going to do the trial and let you know how I feel, bearing in mind that often the consequences of these superfoods are not noticeable from the outside as naturally they are doing great things on the inside!

Here is a little about MOA:

Its by Nutrifii that do a range of products, so may be worth exploring those too if this trial goes well! The product itself contains 34 superfoods that contain a ton of nutrients from things that I would never eat in my daily diet like White Tea Leaf Extract and Shitake Mushrooms!

You only need to have 45ml 1-2 times a day so not a whole load which is good as i'll be honest the taste isn't amazing. It's drinkable, however does have a strong taste with a peppery/spicy aftertaste! The reason for the taste is due to an ingredient called BioPerine. It is an extract from the black pepper fruit that has been clinically proven to increase the nutrient absorption of nutrient supplements in the body, such as vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, CoQ10, curcumin, and acetyl glutathione.

The ingredients come from all over the world so there are tons of things in it that you wouldn't get from the supermarket!

I'm quite impressed with the amount of ingredients and unlike tablets these are not powdered, they are concentrated or pureed meaning they are the purest form.

On first impressions MOA seems great, I'm sure I will get loads of health benefits from it and will get used to the taste!

I will be writing a full review on the product after my month trial so do stay tuned for that!

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