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Summer Body - My Weekly Gym Routine

So this year I've had slightly different fitness goals to normal! The last 5 Years I've spent hours in the gym to put on as much muscle mass as possible, while having skinny genetics making it extremely hard - but not possible!

Now I am at the point where I feel happy with the amount of lean muscle mass that I have achieved and its all about dropping some body fat and getting those muscles to show through nicely and to work on the areas I feel are lacking - my glutes and legs!

I'm already an extremely low body fat, 14.7% currently which for a female is pretty good going! But I am looking to cut it down even more! Its going to be extremely hard as once you get quite low for some reason your body just decides that enough is enough and you plateau! So i've been changing things up a bit with training!

Glutes and legs seem to be a big weakness at the moment so I am working hard to get them a little better. I want more shape and tone on them!

Nutrition wise i'm pretty relaxed. I'm eating healthy, but not missing out on the odd treat! I think its healthy to enjoy food and to have the foods that you want, I don't think you should cut foods out entirely... just have things in moderation! For some reason a lot of people still think you have to eat salads to stay slim.. not true! Eat whatever you want but ensure that its not loads of that one thing. I'll do a blog on macros soon to help you all understand a bit better! I do have a lot of protein in my diet and this is something that I would certainly recommend!

So what does my general week look like with training?

3 x Yoga classes (I am instructor so not always participating fully due to coaching others)

2 x Leg sessions

1 x Shoulder session

1 x Arm session

1 x Shoulder and back session

Cardio and abs varies! Abs I usually stick on the end of a session and aim for twice a week. Cardio can be anything from 3 x a week walking on the treadmill to a small walk in the sunshine. I'm really not a massive cardio person, I hate running and cycling! So realistically the most i'll do is uphill walking for 30 mins maximum (if I can hack it!!)

Warm ups usually contain pull ups also so I end up doing quite a lot of pull ups in the week!

Area's that I don't purposely train although will end up slightly getting worked through other sessions:




I'll keep you updated with my progress across the summer and will get some posts out detailing some of the exercises that do!


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