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Finding My Inner Yogi

Flash-back to September 2012 when I took my first yoga class as part of my dance degree. I found it super difficult, used to laugh at every pose and never took it seriously. Flash-forward to today and I teach yoga three times a week to elite sporting academy athletes!

Its all happened by chance really, and before January 2017 I had not done yoga since I graduated in 2015. It really didn't interest me that much.

But since becoming a strength and conditioning coach (and growing up somewhat) I've found myself using my knowledge and skills and utilising yoga for what it is; a great way to become stronger, more flexible and to reflect. I'm truly finding a love for it, and this believe me is not something I ever imagined!

The breathing techniques are the hardest part as its so difficult to not hold my breath or simply to forget to keep a steady rhythm. I have found that my flexibility has improved in a really short amount of time and my posture is already improving. Bear in mind that I have hypermobility syndrome so my posture is terrible! So for me to say its getting better is a really good thing.

I'll keep you all updated on my yoga journey! My goal is to find a pain free way of living, this could be the start?

Its funny how life changes, from finding something pointless and messing

around to it being a big part of your life!

Give it a go!

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