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Running - Why do we do it?!

A lot of us are on a quest. A quest to be fitter, stronger, healthier, slimmer, more toned, more athletic, more active.. blah blah.. the list goes on. But I find it interesting what people choose to do to attempt to reach their goals along their way.

This is a photo of me running. Now I would consider myself healthy, fit, strong, toned, athletic, muscular and active etc etc. So I must run all the time right? WRONG.. I LITERALLY NEVER RUN! I only ran about 3 metres to take this photo. Its funny though what the world perceives as a fit and healthy person.


If someone runs three hours a week, are they fitter than someone that does 30 minutes of resistance exercise a week? probably not! But society, the media and general preconceptions have somewhat saturated peoples minds into thinking that running will be the only thing to help them shed a few pounds.

I'm slightly biased I must admit! Suffering from hypermobility syndrome means my joints don't take to running particularly well and thus it becomes painful. But this pain and discomfort from running is suffered from people with no health conditions, and it all stems down to the fact that people run, even when it doesn't suit their body.

The best way to get yourself more active is by doing things you enjoy! Who cares if its a silly workout DVD that you can only do 15 minutes of before falling over the dog. Who cares if its popping to aqua size and then sneaking into the cake shop with your mates after. As long as it SUITS YOU and you ENJOY IT that is all that counts!

N.B. If you genuinely love running then please keep at it! If it suits you, embrace it!

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