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Sunny Walks and Future Talks

Today I woke up to such a beautiful day! It's March and I never would expect for it to be so sunny and warm! It's days like these that you simply have to make the most of and head outside for some exercise!

Shustoke reservoir is where I headed with my partner to get some cardio done and to get some glorious sunshine!

I always find that when walking outside on a sunny day, everything seems so simple and clear. My mind tends to just wonder so much easier than when its cold, and i'm able to plan the future with ease! I also debate whether we actually work harder when its sunny and warm than when its cold. Say if your our for a walk or a jog, I guess your more likely to stay out for longer if its beautiful weather!

Next time its sunny, make sure you head out even for a walk. Its great exercise and does you so much good!

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