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6 Pack Bag - A Gym Goers Essential

If you are a gym goer and organised then low and behold I have the perfect bag to show you!

I used to struggle so much, I had folders, books, a laptop, FOOD, handbag essentials and more and used to lug around two bags, that's before even thinking about my gym clothes!

Then I found the 6 pack bags, and they have literally saved me and should be on everyone's backs!

They have a laptop compartment at the bag that is padded, then loads of room for folders or notepads in the other sections. Two drinks holders on the side, two small pouches for the handbag type stuff, and the best bit... a massive insulated and shelved section for food! It holds 5 plastic tubs (included) for all your meals and even has a section for your knife and fork!

It fits literally everything in it and even comes in loads of colours, (although I think my pink one is the best!)

Take a look at them, you won't regret it!

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