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Getting That Billion Dollar Smile!

Teeth Whitening is something that so many of us have thought about or tried. We all want the pearly whites and that Hollywood smile - but with so many products on the market so we really know what to purchase? I've never had a professional whitening and I have used the odd shop brought whitener in the past however results have been patchy and have only lasted for 30 minutes if that!

I was recently gifted a kit from Billion Dollar Smile that gave me 6 consecutive days of teeth whitening using their mouth guard, led light and syringe of teeth whitening paste. It was really well packaged, easy to understand and didn't taste gross in your mouth!

Billion Dollar Smile

Billion Dollar Smile

So what were the results like?

See below my before image - no editing or filters:

Billion Dollar Smile

You can see my teeth are around about a 7-8 wish on the tooth shade guide.

Now see my after 6 treatments - again no editing or filters:

Billion Dollar Smile

My teeth are now around a 4ish - so it has absolutely lightened them after the 6 uses! I'm actually really impressed with this! I didn't expect to see such results.

I managed to finish my 6 days of teeth whitening right before a photoshoot I had and it made my teeth look so good for the images! See below the raw image straight from the photographer!! My teeth look so white!

Leanne Holder

Head to Billion dollar smile to try your kit out now!


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