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4 Things I Have Learnt About Myself

Lockdown has been an odd time for everyone. We've not had the usual socialising and we have had a little bit of extra 'us' time away from family and friends. I live such a busy lifestyle running online business's that i've not had so much free time, but I have been making a conscious effort to reflect, and question stuff. The main thing I have chosen to focus on is; ME. My appearance, the way I look at myself, the way I worry about 'flaws' are all things I have decided to change. I am determined to show the true me, exactly as I am in a bid to get others to understand that they are beautiful just as they are. In this article I identify 4 things that I have learned about myself recently whilst showing 4 un-edited, un-filtered, no make-up raw images.

1. It's Okay Not To Wear Make Up All The Time

Just because you are putting on a pretty dress and heading out; you shouldn't feel the need to have to wear make-up. Just because it's seen as 'the norm' when out and about, or your friends do it; it is, totally okay to just be you, have laugh and not feel pressured to conceal your under eye bags. This doesn't mean that if you want to wear make up, you shouldn't... it simply means that if you don't fancy it; don't bother. You shouldn't be judged whatever the decision.

Femme Luxe Finery

2. It's Okay To Wear Whatever The Hell You Want, Whenever You Want

Fashion is incredible, it guides us into finding new things to wear and it helps us explore ourselves creatively. But sometimes we really don't have to follow it. I've always been a believer in changing outfits around and wearing items that I love, not because I think they will look cool. Fashion should always be a personal preference and you should always feel comfortable to wear whatever the hell you want. Be creative, do something different with you hair, and if you don't want to conform... then don't! Cute tight summery crop tops are in a the minute; but if you want to wear a baggy crop - go for it huns.

femme luxe finery

3. It's Okay To Not Feel Like You Have 'Perfect Skin' - Barely Anyone Does!

This is a really hard one for me to remember. I have struggled with my skin since i was a teen and went on really heavy treatment (roaccutane) for a while. I've been battling with spots forever and i am constantly down on myself about it when i look in the mirror. Recently i have taken an 'it is what it is' attitude and am slowly learning to accept that it's okay to have spots at 26! Filtered and heavily edited images are everywhere we look, but we shouldn't feel like we have to compare to these. Plenty of the people in those images when their make-up is off will also have their own insecurities about their skin! Don't be afraid to wear a pretty loungewear set but still have bad skin - it's absolutely fine!

Femme Luxe Finery

4. It's Okay To Be A Size 4 And Care About Bloating!

There have been so many times where i have said out loud 'I feel so bloated' but for someone to reply with 'don't be silly you can't bloat your tiny'. Yes i am tiny, sometimes size 4's are too big for me so i have to hold them in at the back; but I'm here to tell you that we do bloat, we do sometimes feel massive and insecure and it's absolutely okay for us to feel this way. Just because a size 4 is my natural size; this doesn't mean that sometimes i won't feel slightly larger, especially when i've got a bloat from my period, or from something i ate and i'm wearing a tight dress. If someone is a size 12 and they say they feel larger that day due to bloating; that's also okay. Just because someone is naturally a smaller size i still feel they have right to feel large one day and small the next - regardless of the dress size they wear. Take this picture for example, I have a huge bloat that is actually visible.. and it is totally okay for me to feel insecure about it.

femme luxe finery

So there we have it; a few lessons i have learned recently about myself! I hope you can love yourself for ALL of you and can take some lessons away from this!

With Love,

Leanne xx

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