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The Royal Mint - Pop Up Store Event

Leanne Holder

The Royal Mint invited me down to their brand new pop-up store for an Influencer Event! I was so excited to be invited as I had no idea what to expect which always draws me in, and I actually learnt loads!

Their pop-up store is located in the heart of Cardiff inside the St Davids Shopping Centre and is full of amazing products, gifts and a gorgeous Christmas Tree. For those that are unsure of what The Royal Mint actually is; don't worry - I was unsure too so let me clear that up!

The Royal Mint is the world's leading export mint, making coins and medals for an average of 60 countries every year, not only that but they make and distribute United Kingdom coins! On first thoughts I honestly thought that The Royal Mint was for the older generation however I was so wrong! When I arrived at the store I was so surprised to see that immediately I was greeted with well known and loved characters such as Paddington Bear, Wallace and Gromit and the ever popular Gruffalo.

Leanne Holder -  The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint

Getting children into Coin Collection teaches them valuable skills but also is a unique and exciting hobby to have and the Royal Mint have got it covered; coin collecting has never been easier! With beautiful display books to keep your coins in and accompanying toys to your favourite coin, they make the perfect companion for any budding collector! However, they don't just tailor coins to children; I was shocked to see incredible coins related to Sherlock Holmes and Steven Hawking!

The Royal Mint

Let's talk about my favourite coin that I came across when in the amazing pop-up shop... The Snowman! At Christmas time there is nothing more iconic that you can find in the TV guide than a replay of The Snowman! The Royal Mint have created a beautiful The Snowman uncirculated 50p coin! The coin truly captures the memories of Christmas and the perfectly designed fold out packaging features illustrations by Robin Shaw - The Assistant Director of The Snowman! I was kindly gifted this exact coin and love it so much! At £10 it would make the perfect Christmas gift for any age!

The Royal Mint

What surprised me about visiting the pop-up store was that The Royal Mint do not just sell coins; they create jewellery too! Whether inspired by the 1997 £2 coin or the organic design of the 1936 Sixpence, The Royal Mint have got something for everyone. I personally loved the look of the mens cufflinks that have been inspired by 1,100 years of history. Whether wearing for a special occasion or simply to keep in their box for a collectable accessory, the jewellery collection is classy, elegant and unique.

The Royal Mint is more than just coins. It is about educating people, reminding people of memories and allowing a buyer to keep a piece of history in their homes. The pop-up shop reflects that well and their large array of products is well worth a look! Make sure you take a trip to St Davids Shopping Centre in Cardiff and experience it for yourself!

For more information on The Royal Mint, take a look at their jam packed website - you will learn loads!

With Love,

Leanne xx

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