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How You Can Purchase The Exact Items I Use Daily!

It has never been easier to see what people use on a daily basis, whether that be the clothes people wear, or what's in their make up bag. This is all down to the wanders of social media and being able to follow almost everything someone does. However Amazon have created a really cool way for people to be able to shop the exact items that people purchase regularly with their Influencer programme.

I purchase from Amazon all the time and find it so useful especially when I need something on Prime so I am so happy to see you guys are purchasing from my storefront some of my recommendations! To make things easier for you all I have created lists to categorise my items.

If you want to check out my storefront and see what I purchase follow this link LEANNE'S STOREFRONT and click on the categories!

As a bonus, if you want to see me using or taking images in a particular product; head to my Amazon Wishlist HERE.

I look forward to seeing what you guys purchase out of my recommendations and remember, if you want to know what specific products I use that are not on their; get in touch and I will add them!

With love,

Leanne xx

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