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Improving My Fitness With CocoaVia


For the entire month of June I attempted to improve my fitness through a supplement that I had never tried before. I was so excited to be gifted a month's worth of CocoaVia as part of a trial to see whether it made any difference in my training or my general activity levels.

So, what is CocoaVia? Simply put, it is a cocoa extract food supplement that has been backed by 20 years of science! Science has shown that the benefits linked to chocolate are usually down to the mixture of phytonutrients within the cocoa, called cocoa flavanols. This unique mixture within the cocoa is suggested to increase the nitric oxide levels in your body. Nitric oxide works within the blood vessels to support the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your vital organs such as your heart and brain! I was really interested to see how having more oxygen would increase my training!

When I first received the trial, I made sure to thoroughly read the packaging and bottle to make sure I got the right serving each day. All I needed to do was take 3 capsules, once as day and that would be my serving. One serving contained a massive 375mg of cocoa flavanols so with research suggesting that only 200mg can help contribute to the benefits above, this serving seemed amazing and very generous!

To start with in the trial, I didn't tend to notice any difference in daily life. Taking the tablets was easy as they are not large and being able to take the suggested serving all in one go was easy and never forgotten! I was hoping that I would magically start to not crave chocolate - unfortunately that did not happen! However, what I did notice after taking them on my travels to the South of France in mid-June, was that without me realising it, I had positive results. As I was aware that it was a trial I think I was looking too hard for results to occur and perhaps being impatient without giving it a fair chance. It was when walking up hill in Monaco that I realised I was far less out of breath than I would normally be, and as the week continued and I carried on walking longer distances with various terrains, I was finding it much easier. Most people would probably expect uphill walking to be easy regardless, however due to the fact that I only tend to train in weightlifting, I particularly struggle with this. Some could say that this could be down to familiarisation from my body of walking longer distances, however towards the end of May whilst in Wales I did a few walks and struggled massively - I cannot see how I could suddenly find it easier, without it being the aid of CocoaVia.

Did I see huge differences, enough for me to contemplate long distance running at ease? No, however I would never expect that from a supplement. Noticing gentle and gradual fitness increases is amazing and I am confident that if I continue to take the supplement through the next few months, my cardiovascular fitness will continue to improve - something I will be very happy about!

Overall, I am extremely happy with the small changes already seen and feel that if you are considering trialling these yourself, it may be worth setting yourself a challenge to complete before the trial and then completing it again after to see the best results!

If you would like to get yourself some of these amazing flavanol supplements - head to Amazon here > < or if you want to find out more about CocoaVia then head to their website here > <

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