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Winding Down After A Busy Day - 5 Top Tips

Daily life can be tiring, stressful and not to mention infuriating. So why is it that even when we want to relax we are always so uptight. I don't need to be persuaded to head to my bed for a nap, its basically my natural habitat!! But I do find that switching off my business idea's, dreams, to do lists and general tasks is impossible. I can be so tired during the day and then boom... I'm awake at the worst time! I know I am not the only person that goes through this daily, so I thought it would be a great idea to put some of my favourite ways to wind down in a top tips list!

1. Have a hot bath - I encourage you to keep your phone out of the bathroom and focus on you! Try and take a break from social media and your tasks, it is a good chance for you to relax and close your eyes (note: please don't fall asleep)! Candles don't just have to be for romance, if your on your own, turn of the lights and use candlelight, it will automatically make you feel less uptight I promise! Finally a use of a good lavender essential oil such as one I have previously written about can really help you relax. A few drops into the water creates a wonderful smell and has tons of benefits. Check out the post here > Essential Oils <

2. Read a book - You don't have to be Hermione Granger and be obsessed with books (guilty!!!) but reading a chapter before bed of something, whether it is a magazine, novel or a non-fiction book can help to switch your mind away from a screen and bright lights. A kindle is great, but just make sure you have your screens brightness down! Try and get all your phone scrolling done and your phone across the other side of the room, before you start reading. So when you are finished you can simply put your book down and turn off your light.

3. Use a calming app or podcast - If you struggle with sleeping and need some background music, rather than making it something in the charts, why not listen to some meditation music or even a meditation podcast! There is a great app called Calm that has Sleep Stories. These take you on a wonderful journey and you will be asleep in no time! YouTube has some great tracks and playlists also, think about typing in anything from mediation music to yoga music!

4. Do some colouring in! - I don't mean grabbing some crayons and a dot-to-dot (although they are still fun at any age) but I mean colour therapy cooks for adults. There are some really detailed and intricate books on the market that are themed so you can pick something that reflects an interest whether it is gardening or the ocean! Getting head deep into colouring is so therapeutic and extremely cheap considering you can get a book for a few pounds, and it will last you ages! If your anything like me and love to multi-task, try listening to music at the same time!

5. Listen to music - furthering the notion of listening to music, just focusing on this itself is relaxing and can enable you to wind down instantly. Adding a camomile tea to this will most certainly help you to sleep! Spotify has a really good chill out playlist, so try picking music that doesn't have too much of a beat. Stick your headphones in, lay back and fall asleep to something chilled!

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