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April's Beauty Must Have's!

After a dull and gloomy winter it is so nice to see a bit of sunshine about! For some reason it gets me far more excited about make up and clothes when it is sunny outside!

I thought it was about time I wrote about some of my favourite products at the moment! Make sure if there is any that you like from above or want more details on you comment and I'll let you know anything else you want!

1. The cutest make up brushes ever created - they are unicorn horn shaped! The brushes themselves are really soft and not bad quality at all! All the bristles are multi-coloured throughout which is really cute! I got these off ebay super cheap!

2. Bed Head Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff - Now I know it says Dumb Blonde, but its not just for blondes! It works so well on all hair (I'm now brunette!) and leaves your hair feeling amazing. If you use it after straightening it seals the strays and frizz in even more, or if you use it in the morning if you have no time to straighten your hair, it gives it an almost straightened look anyway! Use a small amount in your palm and only use it on the mid to ends! Then use the remaining stuff to gently pat down your roots to stop the frizz!

3. Blackhead Suction Mask - So I saw this all over the internet and thought I would give it a go. I must admit you have to really put it on thick for it to work well, and its best to use an old paint brush or make up brush! I saw loads of videos of it almost waxing the skin, this one isn't as strong as that and isn't painful, but you can see all the blackheads and a few hairs on it after! It leaves your skin feeling great! Tip: Don't use on moustache region unless you want hairs gone!

4. Clinique Moisture Surge - This is now the second pot I have and its been so amazing. Firstly it goes so far and you need the tiniest amount! Its not heavy on the skin either and dries super quickly so you can apply make up straight away! It's oil and fragrance free and even contains Aloe! If you whack on loads, leave it on for 5 mins and take it off its great as a moisture mask if you need a little extra help!

5. Technic Highlighting Powder - So this was £1.99 from Bodycare. So cheap and actually really good! It doesn't look like you've been sprinkled in glitter but is more of a subtle highlight! You have to build it up and its best to use a wide head brush and go in circles on the palette. I may try a loose powder soon for a stronger highlighter on those evenings you want to look far too dressed up for an occasion!

6. KIKO Smart Lip Pencil 710 - This is a really nice dark colour that blends so well. I have a Mac colour similar and honestly this is just as good and about £18 cheaper! I find if you draw the shape on, colour the corners in and then use a small brush to blend the colour to the middle of the lip it creates a really nice depth to the lip. If your like me and have to fake your lips then this is a great choice! It sharpens really well to - I use a benefit sharpener.

7. L'oreal Paris Brow Artist Expert - I've recently got this and have to say its working great. It a mechanical one so twists up meaning you don't have to sharpen it and it doesn't get blunt! It also comes with a brush to put the strays away! I think the best part about it is that the tip of it is rectangle shaped so you can easily replicate a brow hair with one touch! There is a variety of colours too so you don't have to have super dark brows if you don't want!

So there we have it! My favourites for this month. What does everyone else use?


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